Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Peeling off the Exterior (Part 2)

Removed the aluminum from the top gable! More asbestos has been removed from the front, side and back too!



The rear gable was also uncovered and more asbestos has been removed:

Also removed a lot of asbestos from the side of the house. I had Fernando remove most of the aluminum from the side since there are a lot of solitary wasps that live underneath it. One of the bastards stung Fernando on the upper arm, but better him than me since I'm allergic to them.

The half open window explains the moisture issue in the living room built-ins:

and oops, we accidentally pulled the window out while removing the aluminum exterior. An easy fix though. But regardless, there is no flashing around the windows. They are just tacked on to the original window frames.

It's hurricane season. Are your windows secure?

Videos of Fernando removing the aluminum from the front and rear gables:

Got the first portion of the rafters exposed! Unfortunately some of the wood was replaced, huuurrumpphh.

annnnddd the porch is completely uncovered!


 See Peeling off the Exterior (Part 1)

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