Friday, April 29, 2016

Plugged up in the shop vac detailer attachment

Ever since I vacuumed out the baby socks and chicken bones from my bathroom wall, the detail attachment for my shop-vac has been plugged up with something. I finally pulled out some needle nose tweezers to go hunt for the offending matter.

It wasn't long before I excitingly shouted out a "WOAH! WAY COOL!" having discovered this little guy's skull lodged in there:

He's tiny—about the size of an index fingernail

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mystery of the day

Why was this section of hardwoods cut out?

For a vent? Possible, but it's 3x longer  than any other floor vents I've found

Wood rot? Seems unlikely, since that usually travels along the grain of the wood faster than horizontally, from one piece to another

For a room divider? Definitely a possibility. Maybe there was a wall there.

Wait. That's definitely it.
There used to be a wall there.
35 inches over is another cut area of hardwoods.
The same size as a door opening.

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