Completed projects



Blue Smurf room


Sleeping Porch (a.k.a., the Easter Bunny Room)

Guest bedroom (a.k.a., the Blue Smurf Room)


Master Bedroom

  • Discovered hidden chimney in the wall
  • Painted
  • Installed window AC to lower summer electric bill
  • Removed corner hutch
  • Removed 3 layers of flooring
  • Removed original hardwoods
  • Removed gas line to old radiator
  • Treated hardwoods for cellar fungus
  • Reinstalled salvaged hardwoods
  • Sanded hardwoods

Living Room

Dining Room


  • Built compost bins
  • Had 3 trees trimmed
  • Built pathway
  • Laid new sod
  • Jackhammered up part of driveway
  • Removed metal shed
  • Removed carport
  • Installed landscape lighting
  • Built patio
  • Cleared out right-of-way for cozy reading area
  • Dug up the mother of all honeysuckle vines (it was killing a pecan tree)


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