Saturday, January 24, 2015

Old Pics from the Seller's Family

The original fireplace mantel and windows. The windows are intact but unaccessible and the fireplace mantel and brick was removed to install the living room built-ins. Unfortunately the weight of the new built-ins has caused one of the joists to crack. 

The dining room, looking into the kitchen

This shows the original columns that were on the house, before they were replaced with brick

The original front door and an original window are visible here. You can also see the original door casing, which has since been replaced with bellyband and the rosettes

The master bedroom
The custom cabinets in the kitchen that the seller installed (he was a carpenter). This was before they painted them pink. The crown molding has since been replaced with dented moldings. They later replaced the upper cabinet doors with a frosted glass that had roses on it

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