Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tearing down the mega fence

The previous owner of my home had installed a large boundary fence along the driveway that has been bugging me since I first moved in. 
  1. It's hard to back down the driveway, 
  2. I prefer my car unscratched,
  3. Wood fences are unsightly and unwelcoming,
  4. My neighbor and his wife have been bitter about the fence since the day it was built by the previous owner. Not only did it block all their windows, but my neighbor couldn't access the side of his property without climbing over the a/c unit.
  5. It made the driveway feel too confined.
So we worked together and the fence went 'bye-bye' this weekend. What a difference! 

I'll talk to the neighbor to see if we can work together to remove the plywood over the windows, likely there since Hurricane Ike hit back in 2007.  At the time there was no point to removing it since all they'd have to look out to would have been a giant wood fence. (Update: He wants to take it down now that the fence is gone! Yay!)
Years back, my neighbor removed the asbestos-cement shingles from his house. Since the area was so confined by the fence, they'd left pieces of foil sheathing and tar-paper strips dangling on their house (again, there was no point in removing them since the fence blocked it from sight). We worked together to clean up the area by raking, pulling the weeds and disposing of the remaining, tiny pieces of cement board that littered the ground.
It feels so much more open and airy now!

Fernando had the unfortunate luck of discovering 2 giant wasps nests in the soffits, so progress on the exterior of the house has been stifled until we can deal with those. The wasps have been aggressive ever since their nest was uncovered.

With all the aluminum removed from the house, my backyard is currently doubling as a junkyard...

Surround shot of the backyard

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