Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salvage finds

Stopped by the Historic Houston's Salvage Warehouse today to pick up some wood for the exterior repairs. They had cedar 105 clapbard siding, as indicated by the tapered/bevel cut just like the cypress  wood on my house. The only difference is that mine has a vertical cut grain to it and a rougher texture since it only has 1 layer of the original paint on it.

For the sake of ease I just purchased the 15' boards. I think the end result will come out better if large sections are replaced so that the walls are seamless.

My oh my! What you can fit in a Mitsubishi Eclipse!
15' boards. Only 4' of wood protuded from the back. 
The green board on top is a broken piece of siding from my house. Almost an exact match!

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