Friday, February 27, 2015

Running Water in the Kitchen!

There has been a little bit of an issue in the kitchen for the past 3 months.
Something the inspectors warned me about.
You see, the kitchen faucet was a dud.
It only trickled out a little bit of water—certainly not enough to do the dishes.

True, I could have simply bought a new faucet. But it seemed foolish to spend $100+ on hardware that wouldn't be compatible with the Apron-front kitchen sink that I bought. Someday I'll install that beauty... but first I'll have to decide on a kitchen layout...but to do that properly I'll need to learn what I do and don't like about the current kitchen to make wise decisions in the design process.

So I waited until a used one popped up. Luckily, I just found this Delta faucet for only $8 at the Houston Historic Salvage Warehouse. It needed a little TLC but it now works like a champ.

{Nevermind the fact that I forgot to put the rubber seal under the faucet. It was such a pain to install that I'll just skip that little piece for now.}

Finally! No more doing dishes in the shower!

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