Sunday, March 1, 2015

Opening the hidden Archway between the Guest Bedroom and Dining Room:

Back in December I was poking around the house trying to find out what had been changed in the layout. I discovered that it was easiest to do this by turning off all the lights and then shining a flashlight along the wall, since repairs to the drywall often left ridges where you could see something had been modified. That led to the discovery of an archway that once existed between the dining room and the guest bedroom:

So after considering whether to open this up or not, I decided to go ahead and open it. I can always close it up at a later time if I change my mind.

So first the drywall came off:

Then the frame came out:

Then the the remaining drywall came out:

Finally, the wainscotting in the dining room and the baseboards came off:

The way the hardwoods connected between the two rooms verified that the opening was original to the house:

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