Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wireless HiFi Whole House Audio System

Splurged and got a Sonos system for the whole house! It's incredible. Now all of my music services (Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc) are all connected with my music library and my cloud drives, all accessible from my phone!

Sonos is a premium wireless home audio system that plays music in HiFi. Each speaker syncs with the others so you can hear your music throughout the whole house. Here's their promo video:

It's like Reese's Pieces, you can't have just one. I ended up splurging another $1,500 after this photo was taken just to really put the icing on the cake. It cost about $3,000 total but was well worth it and something I have enjoyed everyday since. Plus, waking up to Pandora instead of an alarm clock is refreshing and gets me grooving for the day, with a smile!

I worked with a System Designer at Magnolia Audio/Video to layout and install the system. I was blown away by the quality of service that they provided. Indeed, their customer service is outstanding. She reviewed my architectural drawings and helped me choose the best placement for the speakers so that the sound flows between each room. She also taught me about the Savant automated dimmer switches and no doubt I will be returning to purchase those at a later date. At that time, she'll visit for an in-home consultation to help tweak the placement of the Sonos speakers and incorporate the lighting panel with my home theater system. We'll install a digital control panel where you can simply press buttons like 'movie', which will dim the lights and turn on the TV to netflix or whatever. Tech geek heaven.

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