Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sleeping Porch: Demo'ing out the built-in bed

I had a sneaking suspician that this built-in bed was harboring a lot of roach turds and gunk in it, since the area seemed to be infested with those little German roaches back when I moved in. Some friends had voted to retain the bed, others had voted to get rid of it. I came to the conclusion that the floorspace it took up cramped the room too much and wasn't very useful for my purposes. Compound that with the turds and there was a recipe for getting rid of it.

So I took a study break and set to taking this thing apart. I can re-use the plywood for other projects down the line.

p.s., it was filled with roach gunk and there was a gap between the walls and the hardwoods that was unsealed to the underside of the house, so I'm happy with my decision to remove it.

Roach turds. Gross.

More where that came from...

The builder was nailgun-happy

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