Friday, June 12, 2015

Sleeping Porch: Priming Days 1 and 2

This is going to take a while. Pink is notoriously hard to cover up. I'm also going to have to do something about the cracks in the ceiling. There's no shiplap above it, so those cracks let the cool air just seep right up into the attic.

2 coats of primer later and the pink and green walls are still visible. This is definitely going to take a while. You can see where I patched the wood on the door casing with wood filler. Once the primer dries I'll sand it down and prime it again. Although I had done some work on the door casing prior to priming it, the coat of white paint really brings out the flaws in the wood, so it acts as a helpful guide for finding the problem areas that need to be addressed.

This 16' piece of old wood was placed over the joints between 2 pieces of shiplap (you can see it still on the wall in the top right of the previous photo):

Here's what the cladding looked like before and after priming. I caulked all the gaps to air seal the room and give it a polished look:


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