Before. Note the awnings and burglar bars. The side also had 5 jalousie windows on it (not pictured)



After removing awnings, interior and exterior burglar bars, and 5 jalousie windows

Exterior in progress. The yellow aluminum was removed. Beneath that was a layer of asbestos cement shingles, which have also been removed with the exception of the top, front gable. The front columns have been stripped of the pink paint. Since this photo was taken, I've also removed the remaining aluminum pieces by the porch. Next up, painting, repointing the brickwork, removing the ironwork, replacing the columns, and adding the architectural details back that were removed back in the 1950's.

Exterior in Progress. The yellow aluminum was removed and so was the white and green asbestos-cement shingles. Only half a gable to go! The paint on the front columns has also been removed (notice they were pink before)

In time I plan to remove the aluminum exterior covering. Below that is a layer of asbestos. Below that is the original cladding in supurb condition. Here's a sneak peak at what's to come:

The porch with a layer of aluminum and a layer of asbestos removed,
showing the hidden treasure underneath: the original cypress cladding in exquisite condition.

Most of the aluminum was removed

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