Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Roaches. The little german ones.

The inspectors mentioned finding roach feces, but the gravity of the problem hadn't fully sunk in. It seemed like every time that I turned the lights on there were roaches...the little tiny ones. Then, one night I was cleaning out one of the kitchen cupboards when I stepped away for just a moment only to return and find a mama roach on the cabinet door. Frantic to find where the thing came from I grabbed my 700 lumen LED bike light and started searching the cupboard for signs of a roach hiding place. and that's when I shined the light in the cabinet door hinges...

When the light shined on them, they stuck their whiskers out:

This is the photo from the first time I spotted the roaches. UN-believable.

Dead roaches sliding down the cabinet after I sprayed the cabinet hinges.
This happened on every hinge I sprayed.

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