Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little birdies go to heaven too

There's a hole in my bathroom wall where the vent used to be.

So today I came home, went to the bathroom, and happened to notice that there were feathers around my feet.

Not just one or two feathers. Like a whole bunch.

and that's when I realized this must have something to do with a very unlucky bird who was trying to get out of the cold, only to run into two very friendly, very playful bengals that both like things that fly. Particularly chirping things that fly.

Clearly, it did not end well for the bird, which I spotted on the dining room floor.

It seemed like an awful lot of feathers for such a little bird.
and it was.

His buddy was laid to rest on the kitchen floor, next to a bengal, sleeping peacefully next to it after a long day of chasing flying toys.

Dad says "the cats must love this house! Live treats!"

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