Thursday, July 9, 2015

Exterior Paint Tests

I’ve finally decided on a paint color for the exterior of the house. 

At first I though yellow would be appropriate, since after all, my house is known as the “Easter Egg house” to the other residents on the street. 
But that seemed too bold. 
Too big bird.

Then, by pure chance, I stumbled across this wonderful blog, Bungalowcious, and behold, colors that have finally inspired me:

The burnt orange matches my obnoxious car color, which also happens to match my luggage.
How convenient.

So then I went down the portal to hell otherwise known as testing out exterior paint colors. 

The blue and tan came out a little too beach-y for my taste, but the orange looks awesome! 

So I tried a few shades darker seafoam + a touch more blue + a hint more yellow/orange in the trim. Still haven't hit the nail on the head. Back to the drawing board.

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