Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Perhaps it's a little neurotic, but I'm obsessed with excavating as many of the roach turds out of the walls along the baseboards as possible.

  1. It's disgusting
  2. They smell kind of funky 
  3. Roach feces cause allergies
  4. Roaches have a habit of returning to areas filled with their excretions
  5. I feel better knowing they're not there anymore
  6. What else are you to do while listening to bar exam lectures?

In most places they're not this bad, but there have definitely been some nesting spots throughout the house where I've pulled out nothing less than an avalanche of nasty droppings. This one I'd already vacuumed out about halfway, but quite a bit still remained, outside the reach of the shop-vac suction-ability zone. A disposable plastic knife has been my weapon of choice for this dirty task.

That's what came out of that little crevice near the top of the photo.
The larger gap on the right is open to the crawlspace under the house

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