Sunday, July 12, 2015

Under the House

Like my dad says, "Words cannot describe.." [how much we hate plumbing]

Particularly plumbing in a muddy crawlspace filled with tree roaches hiding under scrap pieces of plywood that someone left down there.

Today I removed a lot of that debris in the crawlspace that those monsters were living under.

Let me tell you how fun that was... a 2.5' crawlspace
...with nowhere to run
...and no room to stomp on them.

I should have hired a dayworker.

Clearly we still have a moisture issue. Although the bathroom leak has substantially contributed to a damp crawlspace, poor grading is the main source to blame. Absolutely no idea who to call to fix that. Guess a landscaper.
Then, I went hunting for the leak that is partially contributing to the dampness. Looks like it's the shower pan. Fixing it would require the shower to be completely disassembled and then reassembled. I'm getting rid of that thing soon anyway, once I have a full day to devote to demolition and moving the plumbing pipes to install the clawfoot tub.

For now I'll just stick a bucket under it.

At least there's a giant hole in the floor that's close to the bathroom. Makes for swifter access.

legs dangling...

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