Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Whole House Sauna: How to Make a DIY Swamp Cooler

It's 91 inside and 85 outside.
Thank you AC for breaking in the middle of a heat spell.
I'm going to go climb into the refrigerator now.

...or maybe I'll just make a swamp cooler. *trots off to Wal-Mart*

$30 and some power tools later:
The swamp cooler in my bedroom, made from a cooler, ice and a fan. I found that freezing water in milk jugs worked better than just throwing a bag of ice in it. It only cooled the bedroom down about 2 degrees, but at least it's now below 90. I outlined the holes with a pencil then used a Dremel equipped with an EZ-Lock attachment and a plastic cutting blade to cut the holes.

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