Wednesday, October 12, 2016

and we have DIRT! maybe its not the best dirt in the world, but it was free and will suffice for grading around the house. Where do you find 4 dump truck loads of free fill dirt, you ask? Well, where you find everything amazing. Craigslist. I posted a wanted ad Sunday evening (which took all of 2 minutes), and at 7am Wednesday morning received a call from an eager driver who was transporting dirt from the Montrose area. He dropped off 2 loads in my driveway and 2 loads for my neighbor Alex.

Then came the issue of 'What the hell do I do with all this??? 

Dayworkers came to mind.
Shovels and wheelbarrows too.

Dad suggested buckets. 
That sounded good until I realized that 30 square yards of dirt = 1,250 5-gallon buckets.
Clearly, that wasn't going to work either.
So I walked over to my neighbor Alex's house, perplexed—a little desperate
Though—no match for his desperation.

We'd instructed the delivery driver to drop it in his driveway,
but a 10 foot trailer was parked in it.
So Alex's 2 mountains of dirt were dropped in the middle of the street, blocking all traffic from getting through.

We scratched our chins and stared at them, 
chatted about everything but them.
They were the pink elephants in the middle of the street.

Alex had a brilliant idea to rent a dingo at the amazing rate of $125 +tax for a 24 hour rental.

This is a dingo:

This is a dingo eating lamb chops:

Maybe I'll take him out for lamp chops as a way of saying thank you for solving this puzzle.

The following night we had the dingo. Alex moved the dirt on his property then dropped it off to me.

I finished at 9pm.

Mischief managed.

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