Saturday, January 14, 2017

Closing the loop-de-loop

My hallway has 5 doors, 3 of which I roam around in circles. 
I often find myself split between which route to take.

A few times, I walked straight into it, 
having failed to decide which path to take.

At least one of the doorways needed to go.
But which one?

It depended on what the ultimate layout plan would be.

Now it is two years into reno—

countless days of pondering,
architectural drafting.

The doorway to the kitchen will be filled,
making room for counter space
and a wall mount oven.

Hardwoods to patch the kitchen floor were sparse
so I scavenged some from where the cabinets will go.

They won't do the house any justice there anyway.

Wood dilemma solved. 
Loop-de-loop dilemma solved. 
Oven dilemma solved.

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