Sunday, March 26, 2017


My blogs been fairly quiet recently because I've been doing a major amount of landscaping in the backyard. Here's a summary of all that's been done:

  • Buried low voltage landscape lighting lines
  • Pulled up uneven brick pathway tree roaches were living in
  • Got rid of remaining junk pile
  • Installed hose bib for backyard

  • sledgehammered up, not one, not two, but THREE layers of concrete sidewalk—laid one on top of the other 

  • Installed backyard pathway
  • Sloped terrain away from pathway
  • Created swales and berms using remaining clay from dumptruck
  • Tilled soil + laid topsoil + laid grass around pathway

  • Split up bucket of ginger, created bed and planted along back of house

  • Prepped and laid topsoil + grass along side of neighbors house
  • Dug drainage trench along driveway + filled it with paving stone

  • Cleared out brush for clear line of site to 200 year old water oak

  • Graded landscape so terrain slopes away from house (this has solved the pool of water issue under the house)
  • Planted a Texas Vitex in the front

  • and saved a baby toad

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