Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to restore an old bench vise

I came across a free old bench vise that needed some TLC to bring it's luster back to life. Having restored a number of old tools, this one came back to life quickly. You can use this same process for any number of tools.

First, I disassembled the vise so that each part could be refreshed.

Then, I cleaned off the rust using a wire wheel on my angle grinder. It is far easier to use a grinder for this than to try to clean the rust off manually.

If you haven't yet purchased a grinder, then I highly recommend grabbing one. Mine comes in handy all the time. Pawn shops usually have a wide selection for cheap. Personally, I like the ones that feature a paddle switch because I find it far easier to power on and off. The paddle switch makes it super quick to set the tool down as you adjust your workpiece. Also, I like the ones with a tool-less guard that you can adjust without having to reach for a wrench. This DeWalt grinder is my fav out of all the ones I tested

Sure, it costs more, but I found the extra expense to be well worth it.

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