Wednesday, June 3, 2020

You know you're an old house owner when...

  1. ....the guys at the scrap metal yard are constantly astounded by the amount of aluminum siding you bring in.
  2. take scrap metal to the junkyard so often that the attendants start asking how your week has been.
  3. wear your respirator like a backwards baseball cap so often that you often forget to take it off for trips to the grocery store.
  4. ...earplugs are always dangling around your neck, even when you're doing the dishes.
  5. ...white t-shirts are no longer white
  6. buy gloves as frequently as you buy toilet paper.
  7. know the employees at the city Environmental Service Center on a first-name basis.
  8. ....the local grocery store is nicknamed "Combat Kroger."
  9. ...while removing rotten wood from the backyard, you are disappointed to find a post that no roaches came running out for you to stomp on.
  10. realize that picking an exterior paint color is one of the toughest decisions you've ever made.
  11. "You have 17 extra doors, and none of them fit any of the door-frames that are missing doors in your house!" (from my blogger friend Daniel Meyer,
  12. despise people who only build new and won't even consider reusing materials.
  13. wonder why people pay so much for simple things like drywall repairs
  14. neglect your friends and your job just for a few extra hours to work on the house
  15.'re no longer petrified of crawl spaces
  16. you trade out your car for a pickup
  17. start selling junk on Craigslist, just to get the few extra bucks for building materials
  18. the ladies at the salvage warehouse keep a running list of things you need
  19. priorities are set based on a) what's sparking* b) what's leaking c) what's causing you to trip all the time
    [*just kidding about the sparking part—thankfully haven't had, nor ever expect that issue to arise]
  20. you constantly find yourself saying, "yea, I was working on that but... [then X happened]"


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