Wednesday, September 30, 2020

DIY lean-to storage shed

Built this lean-to addition on the side of the workshop for storing garden tools, etc. I still need to trim it out, but the overall structure is in place which will free up lots of room in my workshop. It was a fairly quick build, although mixing the cement for the concrete foundation was dreadful since we did it in the middle of Houston summer when the heat index and humidity were at annual highs. 

The foundation required us to mix 22, 40-pound bags of cement, so we broke it up into 3 parts and tackled one each evening. We used broken pieces of concrete from the sidewalk demo to fill in the base of the foundation, lowering our supply expenses. 

The backyard was cleaned up shortly after the video. We had a washing machine out back that we picked up from a neighbor's heavy trash pile. It was a comparable model to ours, so I scavenged parts from it to replace the knobs on our machine, and snatched out other various pieces to save for back-up repairs. (I obtained our washer/dryer set for $70 used; it works great but.... always beware, signs of wear. Now it looks brand new and didn't cost a dime to upgrade using the parts machine we found). Then, we stuck the parts machine out on the curb with a sign that said "Free-- for scrap only." It vanished in under 5 minutes.

Still need to finish painting the back of the house, which we'll do now that the temperature has dropped to a bearable 80 degrees.

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