Monday, January 10, 2022

Building a garage

One of the things my home has lacked since day 1 is a garage. Most other property owners in the area have a garage that was built after the land was developed back in the early 1900's. But, alas, mine did not come with this. What it did come with, was this lovely eyesore. It was semi-functional, utilitarian in some respects, but in aging condition. Plus, it was plagued by cockroaches, wasps and spiders. It also was threatening to fly off into the electric lines whenever there was a windy thunderstorm.

I'd already hired Jaime to jackhammer and help me dispose of 13 tons of concrete. In hindsight, the builders crews would likely have dealt with much of that, but at least it gave me a few years of backyard peace in the interim.


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