Monday, July 30, 2018


My reply to a post on my favorite website,, was featured as the comment of the day runner-up. It's an awesome and often hilarious blog about Houston real estate news.

 “There was a blackout in my area, East End of Downtown, that night (July 23, 2018). We were without power for nearly 2 hours. Per a neighbor, CenterPoint relayed that over 900 homes were without power. There wasn’t a light on within visibility. Suddenly there was silence, except for my scream of ‘Nooooo!’ that apparently was heard all the way down the block. I called CenterPoint, whose automated message stated ‘A power outage has been reported in your area. The estimated time for repair is 11:45pm.’ Power was indeed restored at about that time, though can’t say that we enjoyed the heat through the wait.” [Corbin Dodge, commenting on Texas Electric Customers Are on a Record-Breaking Power Usage Spree]

and in a later reply I posted:

The day after the blackout, an expert at Texas A&M Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering issued a statement to KBTX News of Bryan, TX that: “It’s an incredible amount of energy used but luckily engineers are doing their jobs so that we have enough margin to stay over summer,” said Le Xie with the Texas A&M Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “So I think all things considered we are having a stressed power grid but we’ll make it through it.” Electricity dropped dead again, twice on July 29th and once on August 1st. Perhaps he was just referring to Bryan/College Station?

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